Low Dimensional Semiconductors

Their application in the study of mesoscopic phenomena and in quantum information processing has cemented low-dimensional semiconductors at the forefront condensed matter and materials physics research.

Heusler Alloys

Our work focuses on the growth of Heusler compounds by molecular beam epitaxy and characterization of their atomic, electronic, and magnetic properties. Examples include the half metal Co2MnSi, the semiconductors NiTiSn and CoTiSb, and the shape memory alloy Ni2MnGa.


Our group studies the fundametals of spin transport, including spin injection into semiconductors, spin transport in semiconductors, and spin valve and spin torque related effects in magnetoresistive devices.

The Palmstrøm Group is researching two promising classes of thermoelectric materials for increasing the efficiency of thermoelectric devices: (i) Epitaxial III-V based nanocomposites and (ii) Semiconducting half-Heusler alloys.


The ability to grow thin film heterostructures of Oxide materials, with techniques such as MBE, has resulted in a wealth of new material properties not seen in the bulk state.