RHK R9 control electronics for Cryo-SFM and LT-STM are here for a demo!

August 02, 2016
Omicron Cryo-SFM

Here is an update from Mihir:  We are excited to install the newest generation of RHK's R9 control electronics to operate our Omicron Cryo-SFM and Omicron LT-STM. In this demo, on the Cryo-SFM, we hope to use the fully integrated lock-in amplifiers and PLLs on the R9 to perform Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy (NC-AFM) and Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM) measurements, without any external lock-in amplifiers or wiring! Our Cryo-SFM operates at UHV and is equipped with an interferometric AFM & STM with 10 contacts on the sample and is mounted on a LHe capable flow cryostat, surrounded by a 5T, 1T, 1T superconducting vector magnet. On the LT-STM we hope to use the integrated lock-in amplifier to perform low temperature (LHe, LN2) atomic resolution STM and low noise Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy (STS) measurements.

KPFM measurements on the Cryo-SFM are being performed in collaboration with Prof. Rainer Timm and Jovana Colvin from Lund University, Sweden.

RHK's website http://www.rhk-tech.com/.