Five lab members present talks at APS March Meeting in Louisiana

March 12, 2017

If you are at the March Meeting, be sure to see Jay, Mihir, Nate, Sean and Shouvik's talks!

Here are the titles:

Jay (John) Logan "Growth, structural, and magnetic properties of single-crystal full-Heusler Co2TiGe thin films" Preview Abstract

Mihir Pendharkar "Demonstration of InSb quantum wells on InSb substrates" Preview Abstract

Nate Wilson "Formation Mechanism of Self Assembled Horizontal ErSb Nanowires Embedded in a GaSb(001) Matrix" Preview Abstract

Sean Harrington "Growth and characterization of half-Heusler half-metal candidate CoTi1−xFexSb" Preview Abstract  

Shouvik Chatterjee "Visualizing the impact of valence fluctuation in the momentum space in a mixed valence system" Preview Abstract