Chris Palmstrøm

Professor, ECE and Materials Departments
(805) 893-3618
Rm. 2508 Engineering II


Professor Chris Palmstrom, one of the world's leading researchers of electronic materials, joined the ECE faculty at UCSB in the Fall of '07. Born in Norway, Palmstrom received his PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds (England) in 1979. After five years of research on semiconductor materials and contact techonologies at Cornell, he joined Bellcore in 1985. There, he did groundbreaking research on semiconductor surfaces, semiconductor doping, polymer/polymer diffusion and the molecular beam epitaxial growth of metal/semiconductor heterostructures. In 1994, Dr.Palmstrom went to the University of Minnesota, where he soon became a leading researcher in several fields, including new spintronic materials that combine the functions of electronic and magnetic manipulation and storage on information. Professor Palmstrom fits well into UCSB's research programs where he has significant collaborations with Professors Gossard, Brown, Rodwell, Stemmer, and Van de Walle.


Epitaxy of dissimilar materials.