Aranya Goswami

Graduate Student


  • B.Tech (Hons) Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2016


Aranya pursued his undergraduate degree at IIT Kharagpur, majoring in ECE. During this time, he worked on simulating transport on Tunnel FETs with IBM SRDC as well as developing computational models of DNA folding on carbon nanotubes at EPFL. He also has experience in designing analog circuits for neuromorphic computing. Aranya joined the Palmstrom group in Fall 2016 and his work focuses on epitaxial selective area growth of III-V materials using MBE and CBE as well as microfabrication.


- Confined epitaxial lateral overgrowth

- Selective area growth

- Chemical beam epitaxy

- Transmission electron microscopy

- Low temperature transport